Real CRM module for retail networks

  • «CRM plus ELC» is a complete solution for retail networks or service delivery networks that use or plan to use discount or bonus cards to identify their customers and stimulate sales. Solution for B2C companies. The complex solution consists of two components, the first component is a corporate solution implemented on the basis of the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform with extensive functionality. This product is called "1C:CRM B2C". The second component is a mobile solution implemented for the platforms "Android" and "iOS", aimed at creating convenience for the Clients and creating feedback of the Client to the network, the product is called "E-CARDS.CLUB".

Who needs CRM

The center of the entire CRM philosophy is the client, and the main objectives are measures to support effective marketing, sales and customer service.

What do partners get?

What is CRM Plus ELC text
Increase customer loyalty and company profits
Build a loyal customer attitude to the brand. Keep loyal customers and profits will increase significantly.
Protection of corporate customer information
Software is installed on partner servers. Be sure that the partner’s company’s customer information will remain only with her.
Protecting the interests and traditions of the company
Partner cards have the same design as their plastic counterparts. Terms of use cards are edited and their design changes online
Huge economic benefits
Cut costs. Increase sales and increase your average bill. Make your messages as effective as possible.
Strong marketing analytics and management tool
Use the modern way of communication with customers. Get reviews, comments, likes, conduct surveys and analyze data.
Conferences to heads of marketing departments
Get up-to-date and useful information at conferences for marketing managers.

Why your customers need CRM Plus ELC

Cards are always at hand

In one mobile application all client discount cards
Prompt balance

Full information about the company and its facilities (shops, boutiques and service shops)
Profitable offer

Ability to mark a message with a message and comment by writing your opinion

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A few facts about CRM

The main goal of CRM implementation, as a rule, is to increase the degree of customer satisfaction by analyzing the accumulated information about client behavior, regulation of tariff policy, setting up marketing tools
Customers are willing to spend up to 12% more, with a company that provides exceptional service
20% of buyers account for 80% of the company's revenue
87% of companies use cloud CRM
Digitized cards


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